Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Drag and Drop Outlook Email to SharePoint Library

If you need to manually store emails in a MOSS or WSS library, you can drag and Drop items from your MS Outlook. Just open the document library with Windows Explorer from the Actions tab. Once opened, you can drag and drop into it Windows items (files) as well as MS Outlook emails. The emails are stored as MSG type files.

If you try dragging Outlook Express items (EML type) you will get an error message.

An alternate way is to define the library to support imcoming mails (there are many articles on teh subject). This enable storing EML files but in order to open them you first need to save the file in your hard drive.


  1. is there an easy way of having msg headers (from, to, cc) mapped with Sharepoint columns ?

  2. I believe that the following product supports the mapping of email attributes.


  3. thanks for the quick answer. i'll have a look. no way of getting this working without an additional commercial product ?

  4. Unlike MS Office 2007 documents where you can map the document properties to site columns in a document library, this is not possible with Outlook emails whether you drag and drop or you use the incoming email feature (if activated on the server).

  5. We were also looking for this functionality out of box with SharePoint. Site Mailbox was close enough but did not pass the email metadata.

    We are using third party tool called PageLight for Outlook SharePoint Integration


  6. Great article.

    For drag and drop of emails from Outlook to SharePoint we are using Outlook SharePoint Integration tool, called PageLight. PageLight also offers Drag and drop Outlook Email to SharePoint functionality

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