Friday, April 16, 2010

Address Labels in Sharepoint and Excel

I recenty read Bill Jelen's article named 'Creating Address Labels from a Spreadsheet Programmatically' and thought that this ccould be utilized to improve the unfriedliness of SharePoint when it come to printing.

To view original post where the Excel VBA code is explained click here.

The problem solved in this article is a list of contacts in SharePoint exported into Excel and rearranged in a button click as Labels in 3 columns ready to be printed.
  1. Prepare the spreadsheet as instructed in th ementioned above link. The article doesn't explain how to connect the macro with a button so you should have some basic knowledge on macros.
  2. Prepare a contact list in SharePoint. 
  3. Since the referenced VBA code supports a certain structure of 4 columns, create calculated columns in the SP contact list that imitate the required structure. For example, concatenate the address separated by commas to get the address right.
  4. Export the contact list into the Address tab in the (already open) Excel spreadsheet.
  5. Run the macro to rearrange the addresses as label in the Label  tab.
  6. You should see your addresses aligned in 3 columns as labels.
I haven't tried it myself as I don't need such a solution yet but I am sure it would work.

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