Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Data Missing from a Required SharePoint List Field

The following issue occurrs in 2007 release but it may apply also to SP 2010.

A user that has contributor permissions to a list (A) but doesn't have read permissions to the list (B) of a lookup column of the list (A) will be able to see list A but without the value entered for that column. So far so good.

Consider a situation where the lookup field is mandatory and such a user receives email alerts from people posting items into the list. As expected, the email will not show the column's value. If our contributor needs to take care of the request and to update the item's status as completed than SharePint responds undesirably.

SharePoint let's the user update the list's item but wipes out the original value in that column which is a mandatory one.

If this happened to you now you now the reason. It took a while for me to get to source of the problem.

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