Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Updating a Sharepoint List from Excel

SharePoint releases later than 2003, namely 2007 and 2010' don't let Excel update OOTB a SharePoint list it is connected to. For 2007 there may have been suggestions of how to recover this functionality. I didn't research for such solutions regarding 2010 release. I came lately across a product that was developed just for that purpose. You can view its specs in the following links in case you need such functionality:


The following article explains the issue in details:

It is said that the product is free for non-commercial use.


  1. I'm not very fond of sharepoint, but it's integration with the Office products is an interesting feature indeed

  2. It allows Excel users to work with Excel in a multi-user mode. A real advantage. One enters the input in SharePoint and another generates Excel reports or charts.


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