Sunday, February 27, 2011

WSS 3.0 Upgrade to SharePoint Foundation and Search Server 2010 Express Tips

I upgraded lately a WSS 3.0 application to Search Server 2010 Express. This was not a seamless process and required me to call Microsoft support. Here are several tips that may help better planning such an upgrade. This post assumes that you have already done your homework and are ready to get going.
  1. After upgrading to SPF, you will find that if you need your PDF documents searched you have to further upgrade to Search Server 2010 Express.
  2. Search Server 2010 Expresshas several advanced features such as the enterprise search. You get a search administration page where you can configure advanced search options.
  3. Verify that all you extra Web Parts and solutions are supported. uninstall, if possible, unsupported ones otherwise you may end up with a failure when the SharePoint Products and Techologies wizard runs and completes the process. In such a case you will need to re-run it from the command line / powershell. I had several solutions from codeplex that I would have better removed beforehand.
  4. If you were running Reporting Services reports on SQL 2005 they will not be running anymore. Remove all related web parts before the upgrade. I had to keep WSS 3.0 running on the original server as a separate farm just tokeep these reports going.
  5. When upgrading from SPF to Search Server, make sure that you don't have a WSS 3.0 installed side by side on this server. I had to uninstall everithing, remove WSS 3.0 that was accidentally installed on this server, and reinstall SPF and then upgrade again to Search Server 2010 Express. To remove WSS 3.0 was not a piece of cake.
  6. If you have processes that export to Excel large lists or smaller ones with many columns you may end up with empty lists / tables. This looks like a bug MS needs to fix. I had to split my views to either contain less entries ot less columns and combine the results in Excel. Not an exciting workaround experience.

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