Monday, March 04, 2013

User Permission Issue after Upgrade from MOSS to SharePoint 2010

I upgraded the customer's MOSS 2007 STD to SharePoint 2010 STD. One of the users couldn't make changes to library items any longer. It turned out that her permissions were correct. Also, she was the only user affected.
After a thorough research it turned out that something went wrong with her user definition in SharePoint.The only action needed to fix the issue was to remove her user from SharePoint, so that the next time she would enter the site SharePoint will bring her user definition afresh from AD.

However, this process is a bit tricky and therefore I decided it worth posting.

We used to be able to access the All People list in MOSS from a link, which for some reason is not available in 2010, where you can access only the group list. However, if you add to your domain name the string:
you can access the page, if authorized, and view the user list.
for example:
(for more details on this step see Geoff Varosky's Blog)

When I clicked that specific user I got an error instead of getting that user details. After the deletion of the entry, the issue was solved.
If you can't see the deletion link, you may not be authorized to perform this action. In spite of being a site collection administrator, I couldn't do this operation until I logged in as a farm administrator (or more accurately, with the installation user).