Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Adding views or list columns to a SharePoint Survey

The following action plan allows extending the SharePoint survey template as a quiz or any combination of a survey and a regular list.

When you create a Survey in SharePoint 2010, you are pretty much limited to the questions you added and several available survey views. In the survey's List Settings you can't add views or list columns as in other lists.
However, the standard List Settings page is also available, though hidden from a direct access.

Click this link for an example of how to construct the link and create a desired new view.
The same way you can add columns. Just concatenate the sub-site address with the create column page and the survey list ID to be able to add columns. 

The same reasoning you can apply to other maintenance pages like edit page.

Why would you need to add columns?
Consider the case where you used the survey as a quiz, and would like to notify the user that he or she failed the test because of 3 or more wrong answers.
For this, you just need to create a calculated column that counts the # of wrong answers which will trigger an SPD workflow based on the count.
Alternately, create a filtered view and subscribe the item creator.


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